Voice Talent Agency Auckland

Voice Talent Agency Auckland

A voice over smorgasbord

The bearded Conchita Wurst sang about “Where have all the good men gone?”

Grammy girl Paula Cole questioned, “Where have all the cowboys gone”? And as bitter as her lyrics are to listen to, she can do my laundry any day!

Then Mika hit us with the LGBTQIA lament; “Where have all the good guys gone?”

I have a question too. Where have all the voices gone, long time passing? No this is not the opening line to a Joan Baez song parody. Nor is this a dirge for deceased voice talent.

Luckily the voice over artists here in NZ and around the world have not all gone. On the contrary, they are readily available to you through the best Voice Talent Agency Auckland has to offer.


Spoilt for voice choice

I hear you calling, pleading, nay begging for the answer. What’s the name of this project-saving source of fantastic voice talent. Read on and all will be revealed.

At over 1.6 million Auckland is the most populous city in the nation. The “City of Sails” is also handy to regional centres like Tauranga with 110,000 people 2½ hour’s drive away; Hamilton with 152,000 just over an hour away and Rotorua’s 65,000 within 2¾ hours.

That lot totals up to 40% of the country’s population and given that Auckland is the major business hub, it makes sense that a high percentage of Kiwi voice over talent would be residents of the area.

However, you might be seeking a voice actor from Australia, the Asia-Pacific, the UK, the USA, or Europe. Wherever!

You can be sure of getting the voice you envisage through Media Group NZ the most progressive Voice Talent Agency Auckland has at your service.


It’s happening online

Just what are you looking for in a voice actor? Do you want a male or female voice? What age group? Ethnicity or accent? Hard sell, soft sell? Head online to listen to samples of the amazing range of voices available right now.

When you hear a potential winner, ask for a free online quote. If you’re happy with the price, but still not 100% sure of your choice, then providing your script(s) will run more than 60 seconds you may request a “free demo”.  This is the no-risk way to choose a new voice over talent.

Get in for yours at www.mediagroup.co.nz

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