Queue Messages

Similar to On Hold Messages, Queue Messages are unique to certain transfer groups or lines. If a caller is transferred to say the accounts team, specific queue messages can play that relate to accounts matters.


Queue Messages: The Strategic Phone Message

These specifically targeted messages are heard by callers being transferred to a particular extension. For example the Sales Team extension will play Queue Messages that are sales oriented..

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Queue Messages



Queue Messages are similar in format to On Hold Messages, but Queue Messages relate only to the activities of the department the caller has selected from the Auto Attendant or been transferred to by Reception.

As with On Hold Messages, the Queue Messages further reduce hang-ups because now the information can be more narrowly targeted to address the caller’s needs. 

For example if a caller has used the Auto Attendant or Menu Prompts to select to speak to your Sales people the Queue Messages could relay information on the current sales promotion or special seasonal offers. Similarly if they have been directed to the Accounts Department they could be informed about billing procedures or your “new” invoicing system. 

Queue Messages help you;

Inform callers about changes to your operations and procedures

Pre-empt frequently asked questions

Promote events, new products and services

Highlight any action that may be helpful to callers

So even without any intervention from your staff, before they even pick-up the phone, the caller has been receiving up to date information relevant to them. At the same time they are being distracted from the fact they have been waiting on line.

Can you remember the last time you called a company only to be greeted by an amateurish voice? Probably someone from the office who had been railroaded into recording the telephone messages. It’s not the sort of “brand image” any enterprise should be projecting.

When you choose Media Group to provide a quality recording of a professional voice over artist to greet your callers you are going a long way to creating the sort of impression you want for your company.

With Media Group we provide the opportunity to extend that professional sound quality to all your company’s audio projects. Fromthe telephone Welcome Messages and Auto Attendant to the Queue Messages, On Hold Program and Voicemail and onto the audio component of all your marketing efforts in radio, TV, cinema, the internet, company presentations and training programs.


Put simply, a program of telephone On Hold Messages that has been expertly written and recorded using professional voice over talent will communicate the “big picture”. It will cover all the products and services within an organisation. The Queue Messages “zero in” on specific elements that will be of most interest to the caller. For example while being transferred to the Accounts Department the caller will hear Queue Messages that only relate to that department.


Whatever size your business may be, Media Group can tailor a package of Queue Messages to suit. Take a moment to contact one of our friendly audio production specialists. Talk over the sort of things you have in mind for the audio messages you need on your company telephones. We’ll work out a special package that will probably cost a lot less than you think.

You’ll get to work with our seasoned copywriters and producers. Plus you can select professional voice over talent from our stable of male and female voice actors. The recording will be done in our state of the art digital studios and feature Royalty Free Music from our extensive library. You can be sure of receiving a package of   high quality Queue Messages you’ll be proud to have on your telephone.


Media Group believes in following up. We are not a “set and forget” sort of company. So depending on the package you select we will regularly remind you about updating any of your telephone messages. That way you can keep everything current and in line with any other telephone audio advertising like the company’s On Hold Messages, Welcome Messages, Auto Attendant and After Hours Messages.


Make the move now to get Medial Group to prepare an online quote for your package of strategic Queue Messages. click here.  An experienced member of our professional audio production team will be in touch shortly to sort out all your requirements for Queue Messages.


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