Free Voicemail Greeting Generator

Free Voicemail Greeting Generator

Meaningful voicemail

One of the surest ways to lose a friend or a business prospect is to not answer their calls. You probably know the feeling. Disappointment heads the list quickly followed by the worry that something terrible may have happened.

Well there’s not much anybody can do if an accident or illness has already befallen the caller. The same applies to a business caller if the horse has already bolted.

Avoiding such carelessness could be achieved with a Free Voicemail Greeting Generator or what can be best described as a voice synthesizer

This tool allows you to enter any text into the box and listen to a computer generated voice speaking the output.


Risky robots

If you don’t mind sounding a little like the late Stephen Hawking you may get away with not offending callers. Some may find it amusing.

The quality of the voice will be superior to the sound we associate with Professor Hawking because of advances in the technology. He never upgraded to a new sound and stuck to his original “voice” because it had effectively become his own.

But the risk of offending is still there because even a minor glitch in converting your written text to spoken audio could cause major issues.

I draw an analogy to the childhood party game known here in NZ as Chinese Whispers or referred to in America as Chinese Telephone.

Instead of running that risk I suggest you avoid the temptation to go robotic. This applies even if you plan on using the latest costly synthesised voice machine or elect to use a Free Voicemail Greeting Generator.


Man vs machine

A far more impressive solution is to have Media Group NZ create all your telephone audio requirements. Everything from the Welcome Greeting and On Hold Messages to your Voicemail and After Hours Message.

You’ll have the option to choose a professional male or female voice artist to represent you and your operation.

Media Group NZ have an extraordinarily large selection of voice over artists, so you know you’ll find the one that best suits the image you wish to project.

You can listen online to actual samples of the voices available. To help with your choice the voice talent has been classified by gender, age group and style.

When you have made a decision ask for a free online quote. If you plan on using the same voice talent for a recording or multiple recordings exceeding one minute you may request a free demo recording.

It’s a foolproof selection process and only available here


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