Welcome Messages

Your Welcome Message, also referred to as an "Auto Attendant" message, is the first image that is projected to your callers of your business. Booking the correct voice artist and music strengthens your brand and creates a professional image to your callers.



A Welcome Message or an “Auto Attendant” is the first thing callers hear when they phone your business.This is a critical moment to project the image you want for the company. The right voice over talent and choice of music will help achieve the “brand image” you desire.



The messages you install on your phone system should integrate and reinforce the overall marketing image you wish to portray for the company.

For many years Media Group has been creating high quality audio productions for business telephone messages including on hold messages and welcome messages. We provide everything; the script writing, voiceover talent, music and production facilities.

You can be sure the telephone messages we supply will be a perfect fit with your desired brand image. Our team of professional male and female voice artists   perform across all media. The voice talent you choose for your telephone messages can also be used to consistently represent your brand across all media.



A telephone message is more than a piece of information. Your business phone messages are another element in your company’s marketing mix. Therefore they should reinforce the brand image you wish to portray in all company communications.

Telephone welcome messages need a professional touch. They need to be expertly written; concise and clear. The reading should be faultless and fully professional. And the recording quality has to be of a very high standard with no “Kellogg’s” interference; that is no snap, crackle or pop.

Using untrained or amateur voices on your recorded telephone messages will usually result in boring monotonous announcements that nobody wants to be associated with. However the skilled professional voice artists from Media Group will add sparkle to any script and make it truly memorable for all the right reasons.


Callers will be instantly impressed when your phone is answered without delay. They’ll be further impressed when they hear the professional voice on the Auto Attendant informing them of their options to dial direct to the department or person to whom they wish to speak.

When call volumes are high and your receptionist is busy attending to other calls an Auto Attendant helps avoid the risk of phones “ringing-out” and callers hanging-up.

Your Auto Attendant message will convey information of interest to callers to encourage them to stay on the line. It will contain:

A friendly greeting in a professional voice.

An informative introductory message about the company 

Some brief explanation to advise the caller to stay on the line

The Auto Attendant is only one of the phone message productions that can improve your business telephone operations. Media Group can also show you the benefits of professional On Hold Messages, After Hours Messages and Queue Messages. To find out more, contact us today.



We can demonstrate how you can sound like a pro and maintain your branding by having the right audio productions on your telephones. You’ll discover a marketing impact you never dreamed could exist. In today’s world it’s vital to maximise the power of the telephone and at Media Group we can show you how. We will begin by creating a telephone Auto Attendant just for your business.  To arrange a FREE online quote, click here.

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