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We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Germany.


Voice Talent Germany


We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Germany. 

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At Media Group NZ we have unrivalled access to voice artists within Germany. We offer a choice of male and female voice talent of all ages. When you need a script recorded in the German language, ask and it shall be done quickly, accurately and with Aryan efficiency. We excel in providing experienced voice talent. Real pro’s who can lift your words right off the page with boundless enthusiasm. Or simply create a bond of trust and belief in a few softly spoken syllables. 


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We keep things simple. The goal is to get the right German voice talent for the job. First, tell us about the job and what you want. We’ll send you a free online quote. There’s a button at the top of the page labelled “Free Online Quote”.  Click on it and follow the prompts about the sort of German Voice you require. Male or female, adult, teen or child. And where and when the recording will be used. You’ll receive our on-line quote without delay. If the quote is approved you can ask us to record a free sample. This free service is provided only if your script(s) exceed 60 seconds.    


Get your free sample

Once you have approved the quote we will recommend the best available German voice talent suited to your project. If you plan to record more than a minute of audio Media Group NZ will also record a free sample for you. For the sample, the voice talent will read a short extract from your script. You will be sent a link to go online to replay the sample read. After you have approved the sample we will invoice you as per the quote. As soon as payment is received we will go ahead and record the complete script. The voice recording will be supplied in your preferred file format.


It all happens online

Approve the quote. That’s free.  Approve the sample. That’s free too.  Then settle the invoice and get your German voice over.  It’s that simple and it all happens online.

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