New Zealand Voice Over Artists & Actors

New Zealand Voice Over Artists & Actors

Seen one seen all

It seems to this writer that all the world over, radio stations and television networks sound and appear very similar in many ways.

This observation seems to hold up under scrutiny whether the broadcaster is a nationally sponsored quasi-government institution, a public company listed on the local bourse or if it is privately owned and operated.

Of course, the eternal dollar will be the determining factor in deciding the level of success each individual operation has achieved.

The programming will vary in some ways but overall the news bulletins, sports and weather reports will be almost identical.


Sharing is saving

In the commercial arena where brands are investing big bucks in advertising, even the TV ads and radio spots are mere clones of the formats and selling scenarios developed over the past 100 years in the good ole USA.

This similarity is often passed off as part of “globalisation”. Perhaps, but it also helps improve the bottom line. Think of the money saved on production budgets where the same product shot or music track can be shared worldwide.

Global brands like KFC, Maccas, Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi have vast libraries of “hero” shots available to their ad agencies in every country. These idealistic presentations of their products take hours to set, light and retouch into perfection.

The same is not the case for the lyrics in the jingle or the announcer voice over. The song will have to be re-sung and voices re-recorded in the language in each market.

For New Zealand Voice Over Artists & Actors, a great deal of work is derived in re-creating commercial audio for the local market.

It’s distinctive and unique. Even in the quietest moments, there’s no mistaking New Zealand in the room. So when recording the audio track for a TV or radio spot planned for the market “down under” it is essential to source the right voice.

Today you can jump online and begin auditioning New Zealand Voice Over Artists & Actors with a mouse click or screen tap on a PC, laptop or smartphone.

You’ll get to hear samples of real New Zealand professional voice talent performing various reads from previous jobs. Your search will be targeted with voices classified by gender, age group and style. Head now to

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