New Zealand Voice Talent Agency

New Zealand Voice Talent Agency

The eternal quest for quality voices

If you think discovering perpetual motion is a challenge how do you rate the difficulty of finding the best voice over artist to record your script?

Let’s imagine the difficulty scale goes from 0 to 100. The scale is marked in numerals and emoji. The number one depicts a man falling off a log. The maximum difficulty is indicated by the numeral 99 and a solid brick wall.

A signpost next to the brick wall directs travellers to the restaurant at the end of the universe. So on this incredibly large scale of difficulty where do we position the task of finding “that voice”?

Fortunately, amid all the clamour of climate change, technology continues to forge ahead at an impressive rate. The benefits of this rapid advance are seen throughout the communications industry so the quest to discover the right voice for every job is getting more achievable.

The word internet has not yet entered the conversation. But now, dripping with blind links and casino promos, the ever intrusive, black-booted scavenger has arrived.

It’s a love/hate relationship this Internet thing! But along with all the abuse about privacy issues and download speeds there isn’t an agency producer or copywriter anywhere in New Zealand who would relinquish access to the worldwide web.

It’s the first port of call to get in touch with a New Zealand Voice Talent Agency.  


Voice Over Artists are similar to police

Whenever you want male voices with lush, chocolate-flavoured, Caribbean accents they are nowhere to be found? Why is it so? Voices are like cops. They are never there when you need them. So you have to know where to look.

Media Group NZ helps streamline your search for the right Voice Over Artists by providing everything online.

To narrow your search and save even more time you can refine your parameters by gender, age group, style and country.

As you listen to the sample recordings of your preferred voice talent you have to imagine the voice reading your script. If that gets too difficult Media Group might be able to arrange a free demo for you.

The free demo would consist of the voice talent reading an extract from your script. The read will be performed according to the script directions. When completed a Link will be sent to go online and hear the free demo. Play it to colleagues. Be sure you have chosen the best voice for this particular task.  

This free demo is an exclusive offer from the audio experts at Media Group NZ.     You won’t see anything like it from any ordinary New Zealand Voice Talent Agency.

Get it happening!

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