Questions to Ask Before Hiring Voice Over Talents

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Voice Over Talents

Who’s in front of the microphone?

Monday, early. You. Yes, you the lucky one, it’s OK we know you’re the boss’s pet. You are now in charge of selecting the voice artist for the new TV commercial.

Now that doesn’t sound like a bad way to start the week. But if you are new to the task there are Questions to Ask Before Hiring Voice Over Talents.

You could run up a quick checklist. Start with the question of who and include, what, where, when, for how long, copyrights, residuals, and contingencies.

And how much?


Agree on the quote first

There’s only one way to identify the voice actor with the style and tone you have in mind for a job. You need to hear a recent recording by the talent, preferably reading a script with the sort of “feel” you want in the performance.

Media Group, the business audio specialists is a great place to start. On their website, you’ll be able to click on hundreds of samples recorded by some of the best male and female professional voice over artists.

When you hear a voice that you believe may be right for the job and you need to find out a cost all you do is click on the button labelled “free online quote”.


Sort out the details    

To cut right to the chase once you have identified the voice or at least a candidate, and you have a quote from Media Group, discussions will continue so have a list ready with Questions to Ask Before Hiring Voice Over Talents.

As you know it is always wise to agree on the cab fare before getting into a “tuk-tuk”.

A lot of problems can be pre-empted and skirted with careful planning and attention to any un-dotted-eyes and un-crossed-tees.

In a few emails and phone calls, the seasoned experts at Media Group will have everything sorted.

If there is still a lingering doubt over the voice and a demo recording is required that can be arranged free of charge. The demo would involve a recording of the preferred talent reading an extract from the actual script.

When complete a link will be sent to allow access to the finished demo for review and final assessment of the voice before heading into full production.

Take the lead. Head on over to  

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