Greatest Voice Actors of All Time

Greatest Voice Actors of All Time

Looking for your voice

Sometimes you’ll hear a voice that stops you in your tracks. A voice that makes you sit-up, take notice and listen. That’s the sort of reaction advertisers want from the Talented Voice Actors they have reading their scripts.

Are you looking for your voice? That certain professional who can deliver the message about your product or service in the manner you have imagined.

A voice over guy or gal that will convey the feeling and mental imagery you desire for your company.


Start looking in the right place

You could spend fruitless hours hunting around in search of a voice with those special characteristics you envisage. But, just like a quest for the love of your life, you will only know it’s the right voice when you hear it.

To give yourself the best chance of success you need to begin looking in the right place. You need to head straight to where you can listen to a wider choice of Talented Voice Actors. Media Group, the business audio specialists.


One click to success

At Media Group you can audition hundreds of gifted voice over talent on line. To make your task even easier the various voice artists are classified by gender, age, style and ethnicity.

When you click on to the Media Group website you will hear real samples of the voices available. That means you can instantly evaluate their potential and establish if you have located the right voice or voices you need for your next production.

You might be looking for that big, booming traditional announcer style. Or perhaps a voice with distinctive up-market appeal.

Your script might call for a comedic characterisation or an impersonation of a well-known celebrity.


Get a free quote and free demo

When you think you have identified a potential winner, ask for a free online quote. If the quote fits your budget and provided you intend to use the chosen talent on a script or scripts that total more than sixty seconds, you can request a free demo.

For your free demo recording Media Group will arrange for your preferred talent to read an extract from your actual script. Then you will be sent a link to go online and hear the finished demo. Foolproof!

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