Professional Voice Talent Agency New Zealand

Professional Voice Talent Agency New Zealand

Once a convict always a…

Why is it that across the ditch on the “West Isle” Aussies think it’s cool to adopt Kiwi stuff and claim it as their own? I’m not just talking about a big chestnut horse or a style of fleecy lined boots. Or even a delicious meringue desert. 

The real kidnapping involves some very talented Kiwis. Musicians, actors, footballers, entrepreneurs and more.

The list is endless. Singers and entertainers like Ricky May (vale), Max Merritt and the Meteors, Neil Finn and depending on the mood his brother Tim.

If NZ wasn’t in the band name Split Enz might have been claimed en masse. Although to be fair Neil did cross over to the dark side when he joined Aussies Paul Hester (vale) and Nick Seymour to form Crowded House.

Some of Australia’s best voice artists also began life in the land of the “long white cloud”. Actor and rugby league aficionado Russell Crowe tops the current list.

However the ground was pioneered by the talents of Peter Gwynne (vale) and his wife Cecily Polson. You will remember Cecily from films like “Muriel’s Wedding” and “See no Evil”. She also starred in the Aussie TV series “E Street”.

It would be remiss not to highlight the greatest corporate Voice Over guy ever, Paul Ricketts (aka Scott Newman, aka Doctor Ricketts). Sadly the world lost Paul in 2018.


Break out of the rut

So today when you need a voice over for your next project head to the best Professional Voice Talent Agency New Zealand has to offer. Media Group NZ.

You could pussy-foot around all month auditioning amateurs. What a waste. All you need is a few clicks on the mouse or taps on a screen and Media Group NZ will deliver.

Everything happens online. At the Media Group NZ website you’ll hear samples of previous recordings by an immense array of voice over artists.

To help hone your selection the voices are classified by gender, age group, style and ethnicity.

As the most experienced Professional Voice Talent Agency New Zealand can provide, Media Group NZ will ensure you find the right voice every time.

When you have made a choice, ask for a free online quote. If the budget is in order you can also make a request for your preferred talent to supply a free demo read using an excerpt your script. Too easy!

 Break the shackles and get the voice you need here at

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