Professional Voice Over Recordings

Professional Voice Over Recordings

Any old iron

Making the right choice about which voice to use in the company’s advertising and communications is not a decision to take lightly. You can’t just pick any old voice.

In the world of audio, the Voice Over Recording you select will become the company. The listener will create a mental image of the business based on what is heard.

To paraphrase the acclaimed Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, this is definitely a case where “the medium is the message”.

In his 1964 book “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” McLuhan espoused the medium or the channel used to send a message is more important than the meaning or content of the message.

This is the reasoning behind the critical importance of correctly selecting a voice. So when you are preparing the next radio campaign or TV commercial, perhaps putting together a new Explainer Video or simply updating the telephone On Hold program make sure you invest the time in choosing the most suitable voice.


Go directly to the source

Media Group is renowned as business audio specialists. In fact, creating quality audio is the one and only thing Media Group does! 

When it comes to the best in Voice Over Recording nobody comes close to Media Group. Plus you do everything online at the click of a mouse or screen tap. So it’s convenient, time-saving and cost-efficient.

It begins by offering a tremendously wide variety of professional male and female voice talent. Go online and start your auditions by listening to sample recordings of the voice artists available.


Narrow the choice and get a free quote

To facilitate your search Media Group has classified the various voices by gender, age group, style of delivery, and country/accent.

When you have decided on a particular voice or made a shortlist, arrange a free online quote. Simply click on the button you’ll see at the top of the home page.

If you are still unsure of your decision, and if you are seriously planning to use the voice in a script or scripts over 60 seconds in total length, you can request Media Group to supply a free demonstration recording.  


The Free Demo

You can be thoroughly sure you have chosen the best voice talent by getting a free demo.  Media Group will arrange to have your preferred talent read a short extract from your script.

The finished demo will be available for you to review online so you can be 100% sure you have made the right voice choice.

Don’t just take any old voice. Get it right the first time with Media Group. Start now at  

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