On hold Messages

On hold Messages

How to impress

In business, just as in everyday life, making a good impression is important. There’s even an old saying to remind us that first impressions are the most memorable.

This “first impressions count” adage is something we experience throughout the working day. You only have to think about the last sales call you made. Or the most recent phone call from a customer.

When the phone rings your mind clicks into gear. It’s like a reflex action. Instantly you create a mental picture of the individual and the business they represent. 

Imagine now that someone is calling your workplace. Will they be favourably impressed? Are they going to hear a professional sounding “Welcome Greeting”?

During extra busy times when callers are asked to hold the line, what impression will they make of your operation?


Send the right message

Does your program of On hold Messages project the impression you desire?

Or will the caller be left dangling? That’s where the only sound they hear is the white-noise of an open phone line clouded by a feeling of doubt and abandonment.

It might be worse! Callers placed On Hold might have to endure the aural agony inflicted by the default program built-in to the phone system.

God forbid! Customer service oversights like that should be punishable by law.

It’s more than the Welcome Greeting and the On Hold Messages that provide opportunities for you to favourably impress.

All your telephone audio should be geared to project an image of a fully professional operation. A company that cares about customers.

This includes Voicemail messages, IVRs and even the humble After Hours Message.


Create a good impression FOC

The good news is you are not alone. Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists are on hand to help. Get to know them.

Request a free online sample by clicking the button labelled “free on hold message” in the services section on the Media Group NZ home page.

You will be sent a link to hear a bespoke sample message. Not some off the shelf sample, but the real deal. A message written and recorded especially for you and featuring a professional voice and music from their library of Royalty Free Music.

Be impressed free of charge. Start your phones projecting your best image now. www.mediagroup.co.nz 

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