Hold Messages & Hold Music

Hold Messages & Hold Music

Hang on to what you’ve got

The words of the song tell it all.  “Just hang on to what you’ve got”. Thanks to Franky Vali and the Four Seasons for supplying the complete rationale for equipping your business phone with Hold Messages & Hold Music.

When times are busy or there’s a delay reaching the person or department required by a caller you need some way to prevent people from hanging up.

Worse. They don’t just hang up on you. They probably take their business elsewhere. Worse again. They tell everybody you don’t seem to care about customer service. They’ll say “that mob just couldn’t give a bald razoo about callers waiting on the phone line. Just waiting. Suffering in silence.”

It could even be far worse. Callers could be subjected to the ultimate audio torture. Forced to endure the mind-destroying computer generated tones that are factory installed on some phone systems. One can almost hear the screams!

The damage to the reputation of any business and it’s standing in the community escalate at an exponential rate.

 A total disaster, yet easily avoided with an On Hold program of properly written, professionally voiced and produced Hold Messages & Hold Music.


Amuse and inform

When you’ve gone to the expense of marketing and advertising you can’t afford to have those who were sufficiently interested and made the call to be given little option but to say “hasta la vista baby”

These are the clients and prospects you have to entertain. To keep callers on the line you should have a well-balanced On Hold program that features a series of messages interspaced with selections of Royalty Free Music. That’s the music you can use without having to pay any on-going licence fees to collection agencies like APRA and AMCOS.


Go with the sound professionals

Media Group the business audio specialists have a team of talented writers and producers who craft effective On Hold Programs designed to help reduce the number of your callers who may have been tempted to leave.

You will get to choose the ideal voice or voices to record you're On Hold Messages. You can have that same voice record other messages like a Welcome Greeting or the After Hours and VoiceBox messages

Don’t risk callers slipping away. Get your On Hold in order at www.mediagroup.co.nz

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