What is Message On Hold?

What is Message On Hold?

No laughing matter

Being put on hold beats being told “hold on”.

Hold the bus. Get a grip. Hang on tight. In these mountains, the regular bus travelers know what to do when the driver yells “hold on”. You know him, in the sunglasses, unshaven, raggedy old hat and a more ragged cheroot drooping from his bottom lip.

If you’ve ever been on a bus down South you know the driver. You must remember him. Was it Juan or Jose? It was definitely one of those “Y” names. Every time he’s going too fast down the steep, steep hill. We know it means to hang on tight. Hold on.

If on the other hand you are on the telephone and get put On Hold then you expect to hear something different. Not some “Y” guy yelling!  Maybe you’ll hear those ghastly chimes. Or that eerie On Hold Computer music. There might also be useful information. So? What is Message On Hold? 

Is that a message to read when you are holding on, really gripping hard trying to hold on as the runaway bus hurtles headlong down, down the precipice?

No!  We are on the telephone. There is no runaway bus, in fact, there is no well-behaved bus either. There is no bus. We are not holding on to any bus or any public vehicle. We are On-Hold.


What happens On Hold stays there  

When most callers get put On Hold their first thought is to hang up the phone. The sole purpose of your On Hold Programme is to short-circuit the caller’s impulse to end the call. The aim is to reduce the number of lost calls.

What is Message On Hold? At Media Group NZ we create On Hold programs that work gangbusters. Combining music and messages all On Hold programs are carefully scripted to include news on products, services, promotions, and sales. 

Your business telephone On Hold Program can be a strong marketing tool. Often we forget how effective it is to “talk to the converted”. The people have already called on the phone. Whether they are existing clients or potential new customers, here’s your chance to talk directly to them.


Get a Free Demo

The experts at Media Group will work up the scripts for each Message to be used in the On Hold program. They will be written according to your instructions and sent for your approval before recording.

You will also have the chance to select the music to be used throughout the On Hold Program. The tracks will come from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music.

To discover just how good your business can sound, send for a free sample message. We’ll write and record a sample On Hold message just for you. It will feature a professional voice over talent and music from our library.

An exciting time awaits with your first On Hold Program of music and messages.  Get things underway head to www.mediagroup.co.nz

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