In-store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music

In-store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music

The power in the music.

Have you ever caught yourself humming along with the music only to realise you’re in aisle 5? That’s why everyone is looking and chuckling.

Of course, you are not the first shopper to experience what should be known as “Muzak Syndrome”. Described in all respectable medical journals as: An impossible urge to bop along whenever music is playing.

It happens in the supermarket because some clever little audio engineers planned it that way. This is how In-store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music ply their trade.

Their aim is to put you in the mood to shop. That’s why the store owner has their programs piped through day and night. During daylight hours the music is more soothing and relaxed, except in the after-lunch lull.

At night the mood gets lively. Trying to infect everybody’s mood. Everybody starts grooving along and sometimes forget to behave.

Like when you go to the football. You better just hope they don’t go playing a bit of Caribbean music man! Next thing you know you’ll be doing that “limbo dance” while trying to sneak-in under the turnstile.

It’s not as if background music is a new idea. Elevator music some people call it. Muzak, the name was given by the founder in homage to Kodak started out as a subscriber service providing music to domestic and commercial properties.

The audio quality was very “sus” and the music was supplied on a take or leave it basis. The subscriber had little or no choice in the play list.

Those drawbacks didn’t stop the business growing over the decades. In-store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music began to utilise online technology to create personalised playlists for every store.

As business audio specialists Media Group NZ provides complete programs of background music and promotional messages. These productions are exclusive with all content completely controlled by the subscriber. Nothing goes out without the correct approval.

No more busting rules by having the local FM station playing away at your business.  Often a real bad idea when your competitors’ ads are blaring out in your store. Worse when the officers from APRA AMCROS NZ bust you for not paying the annual licence fees to have music playing at your place of business.

Media Group NZ saves you the embarrassment and the fees by providing Royalty Free Music tracks from their extensive library.

 Along with music, selection to suit your customers Media Group NZ will write promotional messages according to your instructions. It could be information on a new line of summer wear or a quick reminder of the current 20% off power tools.

The opportunities to positively impact the customer’s mood and inform them of special offers is something only achievable with a professional program of In store Music and Messages.

To get some idea of what it can mean for you, ask about having a free 30-day trial.

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