Music in Retail Stores Guide For Beginners

Music in Retail Stores Guide For Beginners

Music, retail and profit. Perfect 3-part harmony 

One of the lesser known arts of merchandising is the selection and effective programming of music in a retail store environment. This Svengali like manipulation hovers somewhere on the fine line between genius and sanity!

For years the craft was clouded in mystery and intrigue. So in the late Nineties, it was a shock to find the actual source of most music was a radio under the desk tuned to the local FM band.

That does help explain why you occasionally heard competitors’ advertising and jingles blasting out of the speakers! You’d be deep in Cooper Denim territory when a blast of Levi Strauss would waltz you out the door.

So you ask, how do we lesser mortals get in on the act? We know how to sell but we need to find out how to harness that subtle power?

Maybe we need to study a book called Music in Retail Stores Guide For Beginners. You can either wait for the publication, possibly a long wait. Or short-cut the whole procedure and contact Media Group NZ.

As business audio specialists Media Group brings knowledge and years of experience to the “science” of music in a retail environment.


Telephone carrier multiplexing

Media Group will save you a lot of historical reading. Stuff that might be fun to muse over on a grey July afternoon. You might discover how an invention called “telephone carrier multiplexing” by Major George Owen Squier in 1910 still has an influence on our purchasing patterns over a century later.

George was the father of “Muzak”. Heaven knows what he would think of today’s technologies.

To return to the idea of our guide, that’s the Music in Retail Stores Guide For Beginners we need to understand that even after 100 years, the science of in-store music is still a “work in progress”.

In-Store Music and Messages from Media Group takes the power of music and turbocharges it with product information and promos.        

Imagine a continuous mix of music tracks selected to appeal to your customer base.  The mood of the music is programmed to vary with the time of day. For example a little brighter in early mornings and in the pre-lunch and post-lunch periods.

 Along with the music shoppers will hear professionally written, voiced and produced audio messages that feature only your products and your sales promotions.


Free 30 day trial

If the phrase “win win” means anything listen-up. Find out free of charge how well In Store Music will work at your place. For thirty days you could have your own In Store Music trial program with music and messages targeted to your customers.

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