In Store Music

Entice customers into your store and promote your products and in-store promotions to them with an In Store Music and Messaging system.



Draw customers into your store, merchandise products and reinforce seasonal promotions with an In Store Music and Messaging system.

What is In Store Music?

Imagine having your very own radio station playing inside your store. Think of the selling power under your control. With an In Store Music and Messaging system from Media Group you have it all. A seamless mix of music tracks selected to appeal to your customer base interspersed with professionally written, voiced and produced audio messages that feature only your products and your sales promotions.

Tailored Playlists


Royalty Free Music

Content Management

In Store Music Hardware

Tailored Playlists Audio Announcements Royalty Free Music Content Management System In Store Music Hardware
In Store music playlists are carefully tailored to appeal to your customer’s music preferences. Increase the awareness of your products and in store promotions with strategically scheduled and professionally produced audio announcements. Reduce your costs with royalty free music and eliminate annual license fees. Listen to samples and hear the quality. Superior management technologies let you update your In Store Music or change the playing schedule with ease. Using the latest In Store Music players, Media Group is at the forefront of technology with the SC 2000 audio players.


Media Group's innovative In-Store Music technology means you can have your very own in store “radio station” playing to your customers as they shop. All you need to do is approve the content; then theprogram is scheduled to play throughout the day. Don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial today!


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You might be surprised! Find out free of charge how well In Store Music will work at your place. Ask for your own In Store Music trial program with music and messages targeted to your customers.

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