Voice Talent Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington NZ

Voice Talent Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington NZ

Something to shout about

Seems there is always something to complain about. Why don’t we change that to something to cheer for!  Hip. Hip. Hooray. Like finding that special voice over talent you’ve been searching for.

Why is that the voice you want has always been there, it just happened to be the last place you looked. It’s not a problem exclusive to New Zealand. You’ll find down-hearted producers and copywriters the world over. All suffering from the same complaint. The inability to locate the right voice talent to match a particular script.

You may have been simultaneously searching Voice Talent Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington NZ. Now you can spread your search wider. If you have exhausted the search domestically you can go global just as easily using the international resources of Media Group NZ.


More voices. More hard choices

Nobody is going to tell you choosing a voice is an easy task. The process of getting to hear the various voices that are available is however very simple. The online audition process is fast and convenient thanks to the power of the World Wide Web and a very navigable Media Group NZ website.

The line-up of voice talent is almost endless. But fear not, those clever chaps at Media Group NZ have classified all the voice talent by gender, age group, style, and country.

You can click through and hear samples of actual recordings done by the various talent. The choice is very broad. And a far cry from the local approach using parameters like Voice Talent Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington NZ.

If you have listened to a selection of voice samples and you are reasonably sure you have found the best choice to go ahead and ask for a free online quote. It all happens at online speed so you want to have to wait long for your quote.


Request a free demo

Let’s assume the quote is OK but you are still not 100% convinced about your choice of voice talent. Yes, you have listened to the sample, but you still want to hear the voice reading the words in your script.

No problem. Make a request for a “free demo”. If approved Media Group NZ will have your preferred voice talent record a few lines from your actual script. You will receive a link to go online and listen to the “free demo”.

This is a special service from Media Group because we want to make sure you get the right voice, first time every time.  Head along to www.mediagroup.co.nz  

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