After Hours Messages

An essential part of your phone system is the After Hours message.



One of the most important phone recordings you can provide to callers

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Imagine the frustration of calling a business and the phone simply rings out! If it’s happened to you then we don’t have to explain any further. You don’t know who called! It could be an existing customer. It could be a potential client. Either way they are sure to be underwhelmed by your lack of consideration and casual approach to customer service.

 It’s simple to have an after hours message to inform callers of your trading hours and invite them to call back. Or better still get them to leave a message with their name and number and you can call them.

Not having an after hour’s message on your telephone is the best way to make sure you don’t get a crack at that business. They probably won’t consider you are worth another call. And you haven’t got a number or name to call them back.


An after hour’s message on your telephone lets callers know you value their business. Even more so if your message has been expertly written, professionally voiced and properly produced to the highest quality in a modern digital studio.

Don’t be fooled into thinking someone in the office can read the message.Good telephone voices are as rare as aeronautically sound Kiwis. It will end up being far from satisfactory and may do more damage to your company image than having no after hour’s message.

However, with a professionally trained voice over talent from Media Group, your after hour’s message will not only be helpful and informative, it will exude confidence and pride in your enterprise. It will also demonstrate how much you care about your customers.

By choosing a male or female professional voice over from Media Group you will create the opportunity to add to your advertising arsenal by getting continuity in the sound of your telephone audio. You’ll be able to use the same voice over talent to record your other phone messages including the company’s On Hold Program, Queue messages and the Welcome Message or Auto Attendant.


The studio complex at Media Group features 6 separate audio production suites. This means we have the capability to turn jobs around quickly and at reasonable cost. We have years of experience producing telephone after hour’s messages, telephone on hold programs and quality audio for all media. 

Our building also houses the creative department and administration offices. We have a dedicated team of talented professionals including copywriters, recording engineers and studio producers. Additional to our experienced in house voice over artists we have on call a tremendous variety of professional male and female voice talent of all ages and nationalities.

For high quality audio, quickly and competitively priced, call Media Group.


There’s no obligation involved. If you like what you have heard about the after hour’s messages produced here at Media Group, we’d be delighted to provide you with a FREE quote. We can also tell you about our range of phone message packages and any audio production you need. Click here and we’ll get back to you with the quote.

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