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We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Korea.


Voice Talent Korea


We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Korea 

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Here At Media Group NZ, we have tremendous access to voice artists throughout the country of Korea. When you need to record an audio script in the Korean language we can help.

Our professional Korean voice artists are well experienced and very versatile. Whether you need male or female voice talent of any age as a solo voice or group we have what is required.


Start with a free quote

As business audio experts we know how to get the job done on time every time. We take the stress out of locating and recording Korean voice overs. Your free online quote is the first step.

It’s easy. Forward your script and instructions and well get back to you with an accurate quote in next to no time.

When you approve the quote you can request a “sample” recording, provided your script or number of scripts total at least 60 seconds.


Arrange a free sample

With the quote approved we will recommend the ideal Korean voice for your project. If your script runs at least 60 seconds we will have the Korean voice over talent read a few lines from the text. We will send you a link to go online and listen to this free sample. Once approved we will raise an invoice. When payment is cleared we will proceed to record the full script. 

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Get the best voice every time

It’s vital to choose the right Korean voice to record your script. At Media Group NZ we understand the talent chosen must suit the message as well as the budget. It's important the sound and style of the particular voice talent must match the company’s desired “brand image”.

The recording may be for use on radio, TV, or online. It might be the voice of the company telephone on-hold program. Where ever the voice is going to be heard you must remember it is representing the company.

Media Group NZ has the expertise to help you reinforce and grow the awareness of your brand image. When you work with us you can be sure of getting the right Korean voice for your project.

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