Messages On Hold

Telephone Messages On Hold is a cost effective marketing channel that is a must for all businesses.


Messages On Hold

Having a program of Messages on Hold playing on your business telephone is probably the most cost effective marketing tool available.


How Messages On Hold function

Any time a caller rings your company they will speak to reception OR they may be able to directly dial the extension they require. If reception or the extension is already occupied then the caller will be placed “on-hold”.

Without a program of On Hold Messages the caller will hear only mind-numbing chimes, boring computer music or worse, deadly silence.


On Hold Messages help you avoid the problem of leaving callers “dangling” and possibly hanging up!  They also help you project an image of a successful and well- run company. A company that cares about customers and treats callers with respect. At Media Group we individually design each program of On Hold Messages to entertain and inform your callers. We produce carefully scripted announcements read by professional voice artists.The messages convey information about your company, its products and services and any current promotions, special events or sales activities. We then inter space these messages with selected instrumental music tracks aimed to appeal to your customer profile.


We specialise in the production of professional quality audio for all media including the telephone. We have an in depth understanding of the market particularly here in New Zealand and across the ditch in Australia. We provide:

High quality audio from our 6 digitally equipped studios

Professional voice artists, in-house copywriters & engineers

Rapid turnaround times

The most competitive prices

Choice of outright purchase or monthly On Hold Packages

Compact, reliable, digital equipment for telephone messages

Impeccable Customer Service

Reminders to keep your on hold messages up to date

Expert assistance with scripting and production

Easy access to our library of voice artists from around the world

Royalty Free Music tracks of all genres and styles

An endless library of sound effects

Quality audio productions


In order for a business to project a successful image it is vital to have custom-made on hold messages and professional voice over recordings on the phone system to process incoming calls and respond to the needs of individual callers. Calls may need to be directed to different departments or placed “on hold” while an individual is located to speak to the caller.

To achieve this you need to be able to select the appropriate elements that make up the messages and recordings. You will need to be sure you have a suitable range of music tracks so callers will stay entertained while on hold or while navigating the system. Our libraries are vast and provide the opportunity to select music of a genre that will appeal to your typical customers.

We offer selections that are specific to different industries such as real estate, technology, accounting, legal, commerce, automotive, travel etc. We also provide a tremendous variety of male and female voice artists from which to make your choice.

There is no better way to make a positive impact on a caller than a well recorded, high quality message that has been expertly written, produced and recorded. A message that succinctly delivers helpful information using a professional voiceover while the caller is on hold.


In order to arrange you free telephone on hold sample message, click here. We will have one of our experienced representatives contact you shortly to provide your custom made, specially scripted and professionally voiced telephone message on hold sample.

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