Voice Over Marketplace For Voice Actors

Voice Over Marketplace For Voice Actors

Locating the sharpest needle

When you are looking for a needle, is a haystack the first place you go looking? Probably not. You’ll have more success rummaging around in mum’s sewing basket.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that you need a special type of needle. Not the boring old straight variety with one pointed end and a hole for thread at the other.

So when you need to hire a voice over artist for a new project do you seek out a Voice Over Marketplace For Voice Actors? You may find that decision will land you back in the proverbial haystack.

Too much hay and not a special needle in sight. In this case too many voice over artists all lumped together and none waving a flag saying I’m special.


Honing in on the right voice

Some might describe Media Group NZ as a typical Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Actors. That’s partly true, but there is none of the confusion and clutter you might normally have to wade through.

At media Group NZ hiring the right voice over artist to suit the job is simple, logical and everything happens on line.

Start with a wide sweep. Go to the website and click on the microphone graphic above the title “voice overs”. You’ll land on the page with the title “Voice Artists”.

Here you will be able to audition for the style of voice over you need to hire. You’re going to hear actual sample recordings of the available voices. These are past recordings, some of which may be familiar to you.


Click or tap to go

At the far right you’ll see the categories of voice samples under headings of Radio/TV, Corporate and Telephone. Next select to audition male or female voice artists under the heading Gender and specify the preferred age group from the list.

Finally under the heading “Country” you can choose the nationality of the voice artists you wish to engage.

You’ll be presented with the results of your refined search and you can begin listening to the audio samples.

The individual voice artists are identified by number. You will also see a short description of the style of their voice. For example “smooth mature, modern” or “fresh vibrant retail”

Simple little phrases to help speed your search to hire the best voice to suit your project. Take note of the voice artist’s number and click the play button (arrow). 


Free online quote

When you think you’ve heard the voice over artist you wish to hire, click on the blue caption “online quote”.

On the Free Online Quote page just follow the prompts and fire off your request. In next to no time you’ll have your reply from Media Group NZ. You can also check the chosen voice talent’s availability.

You’ll have the voice artist(s). You’ll know if the price fits your budget. And if the talent is able to meet your production schedule.

It’s all pin point accurate and oh so easy. Head to www.mediagroup.co.nz  

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