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We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Japan.


Voice Talent Japan


We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from Japan. 

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Media Group NZ has access to a wide variety of voice over artists within Japan. When a project requires a voice over to be performed in Japanese, we can help.

Our voice artists are professional and experienced. They are versatile and can adapt to demanding roles.

What does the script call for? Male or female Japanese voice or voices. Age group? Hard sell or soft persuader. We have the Japanese voice for the job.


Request a quote online

We make it a smooth ride to get the ideal Japanese voice over talent for any project. We start with a free online quote. Click the button up top right.

Follow the prompts to fill in the brief and we will base our quote on your answers. Tell us script numbers and durations, and how the recording(s) will be used.

We will send the quote online. If the quote meets your approval and provided your script or scripts exceed one minute, you can ask us to provide a sample recording.


Ask for a free sample recording

After the quote is approved Media Group NZ will suggest the ideal Japanese voice over talent for the project.

Provided the script(s) exceed 60 seconds in length we can arrange a free sample recording of the suggested Japanese voice talent reading a passage from the script.

You will be sent a link to go online to replay and approve the sample recording.

After you approve the sample we will send an invoice for payment so we may proceed with recording the Japanese voice talent reading the complete script.

Make it happen. Click on that free online quote button now.

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