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We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from France.


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We have handpicked the most versatile and professional voice artists from France. 

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Media Group NZ has access to a wide range of professional voice artists within France.  When you require an audio script to be recorded in French we can make it happen quickly. No-fuss. You also have the advantage of working with experienced and versatile voice actors. Males, females, adults, and teens. Absolute “Pros” who always deliver the tone, style, and character of voice required.


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We try to keep things simple, so first, we will send you a Free Online Quote. Click the button at the top right of the page and follow the prompts. What type of French voice are you seeking? Male, female, what age group? Adult or youth? Our quote will be based on the script length, delivery style and how the recording will be used. When you approve the quote and assuming your script or scripts will run for a minimum of 60 seconds, you can request a sample recording.


Request a free sample

With the quote approved we will recommend the most suitable French voice talent to record your script. If your script(s) exceeds 60 secs you may request a free sample recording. We will arrange a recording where the French voice artist will read a few lines from the script. This service is provided free of charge and helps confirm you have the right French V/O. The free sample will be online for you to hear. As soon as the sample is approved we will send an invoice. When payment is made we will record the full script and send you a link to download the completed French voice. 


Be sure you have the right voice

Here at Media Group NZ, we understand the importance of choosing the French voice that is most suited to the script. As business audio experts we know what works and what usually mucks things up. It’s the muck-ups we best avoid. You might be recording a script for radio, TV, cinema or internet use. Maybe it’s the voice for your business telephone on-hold program. The fact is the voice must reflect and reinforce the brand image you wish to associate with your company.

Working with Media Group NZ you can be 100% confident the French voice will be right the first time. Plus you can be certain the production quality will be first class.

Time to move. Allez!

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