Voice Overs for Television Adverts

Voice Overs for Television Adverts

Life is all about searches

Ask any Insurance salesman what’s the biggest challenge in the job? The answer will always be “prospecting”. Not keeping pace with changes to State and Federal laws. Not memorising the various policy benefits. It’s finding someone to talk to.

The Real Estate agent will say “listings”. Getting properties on the books to sell or lease. The preacher will advise you to seek redemption. 

It’s all about finding something. Even discovering Voice Overs for Television Adverts.


Know exactly what you are after

When challenged with the task of tracking down the perfect voice over talent for a new next television spot you need to identify the desired vocal attributes required of the artist.

You might be able to vaguely describe what you are seeking. It’s more likely you’ll add to the confusion. What you consider to be a deep voice might be regarded as normal by someone else.

When you think of an emotive delivery style others may imagine mild hysteria.

Far better if you can find a sample that sounds like the voice style and character you want for this specific job.

Don’t waste time and energy. When you need Voice Overs for Television Adverts there is one search procedure guaranteed to yield results quickly.


Head directly to the source

Media Group, the business audio specialists offer a tremendous range of professional male and female voice over artists and they are readily accessible online.

You can begin your auditions now. At the Media Group website, you can listen to actual sample recordings of the individual voice artists.

To narrow your search you’ll find the voices categorised by gender, style, age group and accent or country of origin.

When you hear a voice that you think may be right for the job, go ahead and send for a free online quote. Click on the button at the top of the page. Along with your free quote, you can also confirm your preferred talent’s availability to meet your deadline. 


The sound of success 

Having decided on your choice of voice now you can set about recording your new audio. You could have Media Group supply anything from raw, cold voice to a full-blown audio track with music and sound effects.

You can choose to direct the recording session in person or by phone. Or have Media Group assign an experienced producer to take care of the job on your behalf.

Make that first step. Go to www.mediagroup.co.nz

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