Sample Business Voicemail Messages

Sample Business Voicemail Messages

Another 50 cents wasted

The legendry marketing genius and icon of the automobile industry, Mr Lee Iacocca once claimed “50 percent of your advertising budget is wasted, the problem is you don’t know which 50%.”

That is truly an alarming thought. However some might say only 50% is optimistic. Voicemail had yet to join the marketer’s arsenal in Mr Iacocca’s time.

Most companies expect a low percentage of voicemail calls to be returned. If they are using a well proven strategy and precisely worded script they might get a return of 1%.


Strategy revision

If you are not achieving a satisfactory result from your efforts you might need to review some Sample Business Voicemail Messages to get some pointers on upgrading your script or revising the strategy.

There are many websites offering “expert” advice on the art of voicemail. Be warned, an expert (x-spurt) is really only a drip under pressure!

You could spend days looking over the myriad websites purporting to have a guaranteed formula for creating a successful Voicemail marketing exercise. But the directives from some websites seems to be totally at odds with other sites.


Short and direct

While all the experts agree your voicemail needs to be short, preferably less than 30 seconds, some will emphasise the need to inject an element of intrigue. Others will advise you to be direct and upfront about the reason for your call.

When you listen to Sample Business Voicemail Messages try to identify the approach that will suit you. Remember not to be too over-enthusiastic or too sales like. Avoid the cliché language. The type of pitch you associate with that big smiling, booming voiced sales guy in the checked sports-jacket.

If you are not confident in putting a script down on paper head straight to Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists. Their writers will craft a voicemail script for you that will have you getting more call backs than ever.

If you would like to further improve the response to your voicemail campaign get one of the professional voice over artists from Media Group NZ to record your message.

You can choose male or female voice talent from any age group or ethnicity to use in your campaign. Listen to the voice samples online and make a choice. Then ask Media Group NZ to supply an online free quote and confirm the recording schedule. Too easy. Head to

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