Best Voicemail Greetings For Your Business

Best Voicemail Greetings For Your Business

Hello Everybody.

Fans of the TV program   ”The Simpsons” may recognise that all-encompassing greeting, ”hello severy bodies”. And hello back to you Doctor Nick. The message is on Dr. Nick’s phone system under the label Best Voicemail Greetings For Your Business.

It’s a bit “Industrial” but as a stand-alone salutation “Hello everybody” is simple, effective and free of risk. It communicates clearly. It’s not sexist or offensive. Riots are not going to erupt because it didn’t include “Dude”, “Cuz” or “Bro”.

As an effective message, the “Hello” is acceptable. However, it’s the accompanying “everybody” that is a real problem. It broadens and diffuses the audience making any communication easy to ignore.

Without an audience, it doesn’t matter how revolutionary your message may be, with no audience, nobody listening, you are nowhere!


Let them down gently

To break through the clutter and gain more attention you need to narrow the focus. For example Hello Football fans. Hello students. Hello electricians. Hello, people who part their hair on the right.

When used as a very general greeting “Hello everybody” might be OK for a weekend bush retreat. At those times when you don’t really want to get into a conversation. Besides, you never do well in the game of remembering names. You came for a country retreat, as in rest. Not a memory test.

I’m not here to see a replay of chapter 5 from How To Win Friends and Influence People. So it's going to be hello everybody followed by a polite pause and…goodnight everybody.

You might forgive the idiot for charging through the tent lines at 2 in the morning all the while screaming “Hello everybody”. It was supposed to be a re-enactment of Paul Revere’s Ride to promote a new range of Red Coats coming for autumn. I kept telling him the message. “The Red Coats are coming.” I heard he lost his horse too.


Your business never sounded so good

 “Hello everybody” is an adequate start for a greeting and when followed by a well written, professionally voiced script that all-purpose cliché could soon be among the Best Voicemail Greetings For Your Business.

Media Group NZ has experienced writers, producers and voice artists who will create and record your telephone audio including your business voicemail greetings.

High-quality bespoke recordings produced quickly and efficiently online according to your instructions using professional male and female voice talent and Royalty Free Music tracks.


Free online quote.

Sound the way you want the business to sound on the phone. Sound professional. Let callers get a feel for how you like to get things done.

Find out more. How much does it cost to have professionally written, voiced and produced audio on your business telephone?  

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