Voicemail Greeting For Work

Voicemail Greeting For Work

Calls answered all the time 

Probably one of the most important, but often overlooked tools in your business arsenal is your Voicemail Greeting For Work.

Every time a phone call from a customer gets an answer, be they new business or one of long standing, you’re building on that special client service relationship.

Trouble only begins when the phone goes unanswered and the caller is left bewildered and probably a tad angry. In this day and age it simply shouldn’t happen.


Heed the warning bells

The sound of a telephone ringing-out is a warning bell to the caller and a death knell to the success of a business.

The caller will be left thinking these guys just don’t give a flying fancy for me! On any scale of customer service that caller will rate the business well below par.

The net result to you might be losing the customer and inadvertently helping a competitor win a new account.

More is the pity because the cure to this situation is simple. Set up a Voicemail Greeting For Work.

Your Voicemail will not only answer the call but also provide a facility to invite the caller to record a message and request a call back.


No rocket science required

While you can probably dash off a few words and record your own Voicemail Message every DIY Voicemail comes with its own cringe factor built-in.

Plus to make the most effective use of Voicemail you will need to create a few recordings to cover various scenarios. You might be away for the holiday season or out of the office for the afternoon etc.


Take the cheese not the chalk

The most impactful way to prevent DIY cringe is to have you Voicemail Messages produced and recorded by the audio specialists at Media Group NZ.

There’s a vast difference in the company image you project when the script has been crafted by a seasoned copywriter and a professional voice artist has read the script.

At Media Group NZ you will be able to choose the male and/or female voices you believe will best represent your business image.

You can hear actual samples of the voices available online. Have a listen and make a decision. You can also enquire about costs, updates, special effects and music you might want to include in the recording.

If you have a jingle or sung tagline you can include that to help add personality to your Voicemail Messages. With Media Group NZ the sky is not the limit!

For the answer to everything about Voicemail Messages, www.mediagroup.co.nz

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