Music On Hold System

Music On Hold System

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

This ominous comment from Richard Dreyfuss, as the marine biologist in “Jaws”, made little impact on pro shark hunter Robert Shaw. However as we all know, the skipper later regretted his dismissive attitude.

This famous cinematic line is a parody of many businesses who dismiss their need to upgrade their communications especially the Music On Hold System.

A quality telephone on hold program is a proven method to reduce the number of callers who refuse to wait online before they hang up and go elsewhere.

Who cares?

Complacency is contagious. Unfortunately it often results in major losses. Perhaps, as in the skippers’ case, the failure to take appropriate action was simply arrogance.

All too often the mind set of “we’ve always done it this way” can bring about a company’s downfall.

I’m painfully reminded of my own boating experience. At the close of the nineties, I scored a sales job at a boat broking business. When I asked to see details of the boats on consignment the boss proudly showed me a school exercise book.

My offer to update the system on my fancy new Windows 98 computer was met with a wry look. I was told “our method is a bit agricultural but there’s no need to change”.


Avoid being cut off

The telephone is like an umbilical cord. It is the pathway that sustains contact with existing customers and through which flows the lifeblood of new clients.

These days people are more time-poor than ever. An on hold program that can suspend a caller’s perception of the passage of time will always lead to more sales.   

Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists will introduce you to the latest Music On Hold System and create a program of on hold messages and music that will keep callers happily waiting for your attention.


First bite for free

You need only to provide a brief outline of your business for the skilled copywriters at Media Group NZ to complete the On Hold script for your approval.

You’ll also get to select the music tracks from their library of Royalty Free Music and choose the voice from the range of male and female professional voice artists.

To begin Media Group NZ will provide you with a free sample on hold message. Just ask and it shall be done. 

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