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Music On Hold

Personal peeves

Along with Covid 19 there’s another more subtle pandemic sweeping the globe. It comes in various mutations. There’s no jab-in-the-arm protection available and any lock-down action only seems to help the spread.    

This world-wide affliction is supported by the World Wide Web and hailed as an antidote to government imposed social distancing.

It’s a contagion driven by egotistical desire as more and more folks take to social media to voice an opinion on their favourite peeve.

No one is immune. Even political heavyweights have succumbed by posting unsubstantiated claims on various platforms with the sole aim of amassing followers. 

In fact one US-based, over-stuffed, orange haired, Umpa Lumpa so infuriated the micro gods they removed all access to Facebook and Twitter.


What’s your beef bro?

It used to be when people wanted to air any grievance, they called a talk back radio station or penned a letter to the editor. Now they head directly online.

Sometimes the issue can seem to be amusing, although I do agree with the sentiment behind the appeal to “Leave Britney alone.”

Others address real and sometimes very serious problems. They might be particularly relevant here in New Zealand like the eradication of pesky opossums.

Then there’s the universal dilemma of global warming. That’s always a hot topic.

While everybody wants a bite into depleted fish stocks due to rampant over-fishing. Or the other perennial favourite; the impact of deforestation on wildlife habitats.


What about me?

Of course I have an opinion on all of the above. But like most of the world I also have my favourite personal peeve. As trivial as it may sound, poor Music On Hold worries me.

Not because I don’t believe in the power of a properly produced on hold program. One that will help keep callers entertained and stay connected instead of them hanging up.

A program that features well written, informative messages spoken by a professional voice artist and punctuated with short musical interludes.  

My concern is Music On Hold that comprises random snippets of unknown classics or those computer generated noises that inflict aural agony on unsuspecting callers.

There’s only thing worse for your business and that’s deadly silence on the line.

It’s all so easily resolved with help from Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists. Get some sound advice today.

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