Music On Hold Recordings New Zealand

Music On Hold Recordings New Zealand

Music has the magic

When the telephone lines run hot at your place, there is one sure way to reduce the number of callers who hang up when asked to hold the line. You need a complete On Hold program featuring music and messages. 

Music they say can soothe the savage beast, While we hope you won’t be getting too many fiery dragons on the line, people’s moods can get a little edgy after they are placed on hold.

This is where the soothing power of music comes into play. People begin to lose track of time while they are on hold. Research has shown that when there is only silence and no Music On Hold some callers imagined they had been left waiting for an inordinate amount of time. In fact, they may have only been placed On Hold for less than 30 seconds.

However music, not that bang boom that variety that’s full of expletives and stories of love gone bad! That probably will be 100% wrong. But tracks from a music genre chosen to appeal to your typical customer will positively reduce the number of callers spitting the dummy and hanging up the phone.


Can you afford not to have music?

Despite all the rumors, you will discover that fitting your business phones with Music On Hold doesn’t cost arms and legs. In fact, it’s far cheaper than the chips your waiting callers might end up spitting if they get left in deathly silence. Or worse, they might be stuck listening to those ungodly computer-generated chimes.

Media Group, on the other hand, has one of the most extensive and exciting collections of Royalty Free Music. That means no annual fees to APRA and AMCOS.

The other bonus of not using common commercial recordings is no risk of offensive lyrics screaming down your phone lines.


The music plays and pays

Imagine how much business is lost by people hanging up before you or a member of staff can attend to them. Must run to heaps over the years. But keep them happy holding the line and they’ll be far more receptive to your offers and willing to negotiate. Now the music is working for you.

To hear more about the plus points of having Royalty Free Music on your telephone go to

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