Music In Stores - What You Need To Know

Music In Stores - What You Need To Know

As a retailer, you invest huge sums in advertising and promotions. Forget the TV and radio budget. Oh and the sign-writing.

It costs a lot to get people through the door. Work out the cost per capita based on the number of people who came to the shop in response to the A&P campaign.

Let’s see; $A&P spend divided by floor traffic = $heaps / person

So all those dollars have been spread around the media, including the PR campaign just to get somebody into the store. Then what? That “body” has to be carefully coerced into metamorphosing as a customer. Hopefully a cashed-up customer.

So what happens next? The customer would not have entered the shop without an interest in spending on “something of value” or maybe “a special outfit for that weekend?”

This is a live one. Do something.



It’s like that awful silence in the conversation. That sudden lull. As if every topic has been fully discussed. Nothing remains only the whirring of air from the ceiling vent.

It’s about this time the possible transaction looks like stalling. You curse the silence. It feels funny. This frozen pause happens in stores every day all the world over.

Think of it as a form of “elevator syndrome” without the squeeze. Even if there’s only one other person in the elevator you both get territorial. That’s how we survive on this planet.

People act strange when their space is invaded. Silence only aggravates the tension.

Unfortunately “elevator syndrome” may manifest itself in customers walking out. They are trying to escape the tension brought on by feeling “pressured” in a retail environment and threatened by deafening silence!

Slowly we are getting on top of the spread of the sales-sapping syndrome. The main weapon in the arsenal remains In-Store Music For Every Business.



Nothing worse than a case of the blues affecting sales. Especially if it’s that suffer in silence kind of blues.

Customers don’t want that long faced look. It’s just as terrifying as the ungodly silence. In fact I believe the good Reverend James Brown has deemed that the devil rules the silent world.

Thereby, and to keep the retail world free of both the devil and the aforementioned “elevator syndrome” the must be In Store Music For Every Business.

Get started with a free 30 day trial

Don’t worry about details like cost, music content, updates, scripts for instore messages and more. Just experience In Store Music for a free trial for 30 days.

The business audio specialists at Media Group NZ will work out the music tracks with you. Plus work out some messages to include in your 30 day trial package.

The tracks will be from our library of Royalty Free Music and the messages will be read by professional male and female voice artists.

If at the end of the trial you decide not to continue with In Store Music, that’s OK. However please return the little player unit ‘cause they cost heaps bro.


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