In-store Audio & Visual Experience

In-store Audio & Visual Experience

Harnessing A/V power

We humans are a lazy lot! We all prefer to get our information in small, easy digestible parcels.

The ongoing demand for infomercials and explainer videos is a testament to our preference for neatly packaged communications.

You already know the persuasive power of TV commercials and you can probably sing along to countless advertising jingles you’ve heard over the years

Now you have the opportunity to harness that selling power at Point of Sale by providing shoppers with an ongoing In-store Audio & Visual Experience.


Hello digital

The days of the space-robbing clunky old Television monitors are gone. Today’s flat-screen technology permits multi-image presentations to be installed just about anywhere.

With powerful audio emanating from miniscule, wireless speakers it’s a simple task for store owners to establish an attractive shopping environment without over-cluttering the floor space with hardware.  

You might be surprised at the immediate sales impact you can achieve by presenting customers with a unique In-store Audio & Visual Experience.


Step up the sound quality

Even if your place has only static displays using posters, photos, mannequins, etc., you can boost your POS attention-grabbing performance by cranking-up the audio.

Talk to Media Group NZ, business audio specialists. They’ll share some of the secrets to successfully motivating shoppers when they are in-store.

They’ll help you put together an audio programme featuring music and messages.

The messages will be written and produced for you in the Media Group NZ studios and feature professional voice talent.

The music will be chosen from an extensive Library of Royalty Free Music so there is no liability to pay any APRA/AMCOS annual fees.

You can select the tracks from a music genre that appeals to your customer profile.


Get in the picture

To really maximise the impact of your POS activities you need to talk with the team that knows what works.

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