Great Phone Messages

Great Phone Messages

The award Award

We humans seem to have a fixation with handing out awards. Think about the number of award presentations you hear of each year.

In every field of human endeavour somebody is picking up the trophy. Whether climbing a mountain, crossing an ocean or kicking a footy, somewhere some Emcee is calling out the nominees for an award.

So who decides if there will be an award? What makes a deed worthy to be included in the public acclamation associated with awards?

Given the accelerated importance of the communications business in our digital world there probably should be an award for Great Phone Messages

Remember success comes in many forms. One individual may regard the actions of a person or group as an award worthy performance while someone else may consider the result as very run-of-the-mill.


Indispensable distraction

Today the phone has become a permanent human appendage. Can you even imagine going anywhere without yours? Like naked eh bro?

If an award for Great Phone Messages is to be presented should you or your organisation be among the nominees? Are your phone messages up to par?

Let’s be real. To be among the best all your phone messages need to be well scripted and faultlessly recorded. You are not going to impress callers with raggedy written, vague meandering messages full of bumps and spoken at a racy clip.

Consider all your telephone messages. Each provides an opportunity for you to impress callers with your professionalism. It begins with your Welcome Greeting or the After Hours Message.

Then consider the effectiveness and impact of your On Hold Messages. Forget the awards, you have to make sure the program is helping to keep callers interested with a mix of relevant information and music.

If you are starting to question the standard of your phone messages then it’s time to reach out to Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists.

You might start by choosing a professional voice over artist, male or female, to become your “voice”. You can do this easily online by listening to pre-recorded samples.

You can do it all online. Get free quotes, arrange free demo recordings, schedule recording sessions and even direct voice artists over the phone. 

To find out more about phone messages that work;

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