Busy Greeting Example

Busy Greeting Example

Too often callers to a business are greeted with a busy signal or their call goes unanswered and rings-out. These are the prospects you never hear from again.

It’s worse if those callers are existing customers. They hang-up believing that this organisation doesn’t give a hoot. It’s even more damaging when they start telling others about their unfortunate experience.

A costly mistake that can be easily corrected with a well scripted greeting accurately   spoken and recorded by a professional voice talent.

The experts at Media Group NZ know all there is to know about avoiding the problem and are ready to show you with a Busy Greeting Example.


Busy means growth

The fact is that people like to work with busy people. For one thing it makes them feel like they are dealing with the right company.

However people don’t like to be ignored and letting the telephone ring and ring is a sure fire way to offend even the most patient caller.

There’s a wonderful adage that states “when you need a job done well in a hurry ask a busy man”.

Unfortunately there’s an equally memorable adage that says “when you are up to your arse in alligators it’s hard to remember the initial goal was to drain the swamp”.

So for those times when the phone lines are occupied and everybody is busy “draining the swamp” callers will appreciate the Busy Greeting Example Media Group NZ created for your phone system.


Go beyond sorry we’re busy

If you carry on without a well-crafted greeting that informs callers you are busy it will hit you where it hurts…the bottom line.

You might as well tell callers to rack–off! Chances are they will take the hint and head straight to your competitor.

There are numerous opportunities to improve your callers’ experiences on the telephone. Here’s a couple of instances to consider.

After you have reviewed what callers hear when you are flat-out busy, think about what you are saying in your After Hours Message? Is it current? Or are you closed for Easter and telling callers the opening hours for Christmas/New Year.

Is your existing program of On Hold Messages helping reduce callers hanging-up or exacerbating the number? What about your Voicemail?

You’ll find the solution to these and all your business audio needs is here at  www.mediagroup.co.nz


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