Church Voicemail Examples

Church Voicemail Examples

A church’s voicemail could save souls

We shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss a voicemail as just a message. Often those listening might be seeking more than the time of the next service and the subject of the sermon.

There might be a crisis happening in someone’s life. He or she could be reaching out for help and guidance in their hour of need. Unfortunately that hour might be 2 in the morning. Get the drift?

In addition to informing callers of pertinent details on where and when the congregation will gather there is an opportunity to extend the message. You’ll find Church Voicemail Examples can cover a wide range of topics

On top of address details and information on where to park or what public transport is available, your voicemail can include an emergency number to call.

The number could direct callers to a member of the clergy or a lay person. Church Elders or long standing members of the congregation might form a team who can volunteer to be part of a roster.

The emergency number included in the Voicemail could belong to a dedicated phone that can be rotated throughout the team on a weekly or monthly basis.

Remember a distressed caller is probably looking for someone who is able to lend a sympathetic ear. Often the mere fact the caller can find someone to talk with may work miracles.


First impressions matter

When you listen to Church Voicemail Examples remember they are often the first interaction a caller may have with the church. And what do we all know about first impressions? Yes they make an impact that persists.

Therefore you have to pay attention to what words are being said as well as how the message sounds.

The message might be as simple as saying “Thanks for calling (name of church)…we extend a warm invitation to you to join us at our 9am service this Sunday.”

However if the words are spoken in a flat and boring manner the caller might react with less enthusiasm than if the message is imbued with a sense of sincere interest.

This where the expertise of a professional voice artist will make all the difference. Sure you might think a voice usually heard from the pulpit will be OK.

But the art of recording telephone messages like Voicemail is an acquired skill developed through training and practice.

At Media Group NZ you’ll find a wide selection of professional male and female voice artists with the ability to give your Voicemail and other telephone messages real polish and impact.

Find out more here at

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