Voice On Hold Message

Voice On Hold Message


Choosing the right voice to represent your organization’s brand image requires a deep understanding because you can’t make anyone the voice of your brand! 

Here we are talking mainly about the voice for the voice on hold message. You need to plan and record the voice on-hold messages to create a positive brand image and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 


Tailored Voice on-hold messages 

At Mediagroup, we do not believe in “One size fits all.” Hence, we create a tailored voice on hold message for all our clients. Our expert voice artists professionally record all such messages. We not just provide voice-overs for telephone systems but also the following:

  • Web audio,
  • Voice presentations,
  • Radio spots,
  • Narrations, and much more.


Industry stalwarts are our backbone!

Our team comprises expert voice talent, copywriters, and project managers. They will create clear, concise, and apt voice messages that will give you a competitive advantage. We carefully choose the voice for your on-hold messages keeping in mind the product and services you offer and your brand. 


Why do we emphasize the right voice?

The right voice for your on-hold message is a great deal for us because it is the first thing your caller will hear. So, to have a great first impression, the voice should be equally great.

The voice will create the customer’s perception of your brand. The content of the message is also essential as it will be responsible for customer satisfaction. Crisp, concise, and informative messages will lead to customer loyalty.

So, your on-hold voice message must match the overall image of your company


How do we go about it?

We have a well-planned process in place for audio branding. We look at the industry, i.e., national or regional, or global players, with all our clients before picking a voice for the brand. We also look at the message type, i.e., whether one needs a strictly corporate or informal message. 

Once we understand the profile, we match a suitable voice for the message.


National vs regional accent

Another essential point to be considered is the region of the company.

A local company operating in only one area should reflect the linguistics of that region in its on-hold messages. Hence, a local voice artist will be the best match because their accent will have a regional touch. 

On the other hand, a company operating at the national and global levels will have a different approach. They should choose a voice artist appropriate to address the audience at the national or global level.


Female vs Male voice:

The choice between a female or a male voice is also crucial while creating a voice message for your brand. In specific industries, a female voice works better than a male voice and vice versa.

You can hire our experienced voice artists and leverage their creativity for your benefit. We will give your brand the right voice for an on-hold message.

For more details, please visit our website.

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