Is it easier to choose a V/O than elect a new PM?

Is it easier to choose a V/O than elect a new PM?

It seems like the AEO takes “forever” to count how Australians voted, while Media Group can have your new audio recorded and mixed in no time. So fast, it will be almost ready yesterday!

Just go online and pick a voice. Media Group gives you a choice of so many talented male and female voice over artists. Professional voice actors so who can deliver any style, any character. Listen to their samples at  If you are still unsure about which voice is right for your job, ask for a free demo read using some of the lines from your script.

Media Group makes it easy! No queues! No 2 metre-long ballot paper to scribble on. No fast–talking pollies to blow your karma. Just a click of the mouse and you’re on your way to choosing the V/O that will be right for your next audio project. 

Maurice Ryall, Senior Writer at Media Group

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