Does Royalty Free Music actually mean no Queen, Prince or Kings of Leon?

Does Royalty Free Music actually mean no Queen, Prince or Kings of Leon?

Here in Australia, a business playing recorded music during the normal course of its operations must pay royalty fees to APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) and AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners-Society).

Every business pays. It’s not only big hotels or shopping centres who need to pay. The little arcade shop playing a music CD is liable under our laws and so is the real estate office using the radio as their telephone on hold.    

APRA and AMCOS are not for profit organizations. They act as collecting agencies for their members and distribute royalty payments due to the artists for the use of their intellectual property.

Media Group offers a cost effective alternative to these ongoing annual fees. Media Group clients have access to a vast library of Royalty Free Music. Don’t panic, no one is getting ripped-off. The artists and publishers who created and distributed this library of work have already received their remuneration.

The Royalty Free Music from Media Group includes all styles and genres; Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country, Hip Hop and Classical. It’s all there.  Clients get to choose one track or multiple tracks. They can use those tracks with their telephone on hold messages, In-Store music programs, on line advertising, cinema, radio, and TV commercials. Actually Media Group clients soon learn that anywhere the right sound is required to set the mood or assist the sale, Royalty Free Music is king!!  


Author: Maurice Ryall, Senior Writer at Media Group

Tags: Prince, Kings Of Leon, Messages On Hold, Voiceovers, Apra, Amcos, Artists, Royalty Free Music

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