Voiceover Artist Jobs

Voiceover Artist Jobs

Searching for voice work

In a recent item on how to do voice overs the secret to success was revealed in three magic words; ”do it again”. You narrow it down to one word “practice”.

So having done it again and again a few hundred times, you should now be ready to  go looking for Voiceover Artist Jobs.

To begin we can assume your telephone is as smart as you. You have a demo reel that showcases your best work. Ad your website is up to date actively promoting your most recent Voiceover Artist Jobs.

If you’re short of actual “broadcast” material upload some demos. Even unsolicited free submissions!  You’re looking for voice work. People want to hear your voice.


Standing out

Legendary salesman Red Motley from Parade Magazine put his wisdom into a 15-word sales lesson suitable to any situation. Know your product. See a lot of people. Ask all to buy. Use common sense.

You have to knock on doors, make telephone calls, send a lot of txts and emails. Let studios and talent agencies know you’re in the market for Voiceover Artist Jobs.

If you have a special voice talent put it up in lights. Demonstrate any accents or character voices you perform. Let’s hear those celebrity impersonations.

Get an agent. Someone who will represent you and help find work for your voice.


Staying active and ready

As we learn to live and work with Covid-19 our lives are evolving. We adapt. Always take care when streaming content. Limit background coverage. Remember Skype and Zoom present both opportunity and risk.

When the camera is on you’ve got to look busy!   Have a busy noticeboard. One that is always in-shot. Fill in the dates. Pad it out with fictitious bookings. Give the impression “your voice is in demand”.

People prefer to work with busy people. Like choosing a restaurant in a strange city. Always go with the crowd.


Sign on

Media Group, the business audio specialists provide a huge selection of professional male and female voice over artists locally and internationally. Put them top of your list when you’re searching for voice work.

If you’re looking for a specific voice talent, from traditional announcer style to some whacky characterisation you’ll find that voice at www.mediagroup.co.nz

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