Professional Voice Over Services And Voice Actors

Professional Voice Over Services And Voice Actors

There days to rejoice in technology. On other days…

This modern click, tap, swipe kind of existence does have a downside as Newton’s Third Law of Motion predicts. The one that reckons “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

In the world of Professional Voice Over Services And Voice Actors, there’s a lot of toing and froing. Sir Isaac’s Law is hard at work.

This system of going back and forth between client, Ad agency, studio, and the voice talent is nothing new. It chews uptime. Takes little notice of deadlines. And is the major cause of “attempted suicide” by Advertising Agency personnel.

In the past, the despatch riders, taxi-cabs, and courier companies were kept busy shuffling scripts, tapes, contracts and cash between the parties.

The electronic age has streamlined all those activities. However, by creating more convenient pathways it has introduced more traffic into the already cluttered “to and fro free-way”.


Did something go bang?

You know the old saying “Shit creates shit”. Maybe it’s not old but it is certainly true. When things start to go wrong, particularly technical screw-ups, it doesn’t take long for the Klatter Bang Theory of Katastophe to cause systems to run amok.

About this time you might be thinking “OMG I am finished with it. Too scary.” You might be so paranoid about possible technology failure you wind up restricting your access to the world’s most Professional Voice Over Services And Voice Actors.


Don’t go out on a limb for a voice.

The no hassle, tech savvy way to source the widest variety of voice over artists is to get Media Group NZ in on the hunt with you.

As business audio experts Media Group have access to professional voice talent here in New Zealand, across Australia and the Asia Pacific as well as in Europe, UK, Canada and USA.

You’ll get to carry out online auditions for the right voice. That’s not scary technology. A click or two and you’ll be listening to actual sample recordings of the voice talent.

For easy searching all voice samples are indexed under gender, age group, style of read and country. 


It costs nothing to ask

On the Media Group website when you think you have heard a voice or number of voices you would like to hire, find out about costs. Send for a free online quote.

Click on the area at the top of the page labelled “free online quote”. Follow the prompts and your quote will be on the way.

Get the hottest technology and the most professional voice artists on your side. Head to

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