Voice Over Agency

Voice Over Agency

What is voice over agency?

A voiceover agency's role is to compile and simplify high-quality audition submissions from exceptional talent like yourself so that those looking to hire voice actors can simply find the voice that best meets their demands.

Specialized voice over agencies has played a significant part in the industry, connecting artists and clients via the magic of the microphone. Now that video games have developed into blockbuster franchises and popular literature has made its way to your headphones, it is more critical than ever to study the agencies that assist their artists in establishing a career through their vocal cords.

As with traditional acting agencies, the landscape is diverse, and determining which one is right for you is a complex undertaking. From the agents behind the glitzy websites to the performers they represent and why, we've walked the length and breadth of London's several voice agencies, examining what would suit artists with a range of backgrounds and experience levels.

Look for a reputable agency that is familiar with the market and has a voiceover section. Consult with them to determine if they specialize in representing voice talent. Then, ensure that you are familiar with the agency's submission protocol.

Once you've scheduled a meeting with a prospective agency, you should be prepared to audition. Agents want to see a skilled and professional performer, so dress and conduct yourself appropriately. Be assertive and outgoing, but not arrogant. Pose the appropriate questions:

• Is their 10% commission added to or deducted from the performer's fee?

• How do they market their present roster of talent? How many VO actors does the company employ?

• Do they require auditions to be conducted on-site, or is submitting from a home studio acceptable?

• Is the agent affiliated with SAG/AFTRA? Do they hire actors who are union members and non-union members?

Take your time if an agent is interested in signing you. Do not sign with the first agent that approaches you with an offer to represent you. Inform them that you are weighing your choices and will contact them shortly.

Additionally, ensure that you understand a contract thoroughly before signing it. A primary contract is one year in duration. Certain agencies need a multi-year contract, which might be problematic if your agent fails to promote you and secure employment for you. (At times, it's preferable to sign with a small agency rather than a huge one, where you may get buried among seasoned performers.)

Media Group has carved a position for itself in the competitive field of voiceovers We take our role as a voice-over, telephone message, and in-store music provider extremely seriously at Media Group. We make every attempt to provide you with the most excellent possible assistance, guidance, and results for any of your inquiries.


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