Voice Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington Nz

Voice Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington Nz

Luck on our side

Sometimes called the “West Isle” Australia is widely known as the Lucky Country. However when it comes to providing a great choice of professional voice talent then New Zealand producers are on the lucky side of the ditch.   

Here that choice of pro voice talent is best seen in the line-up available from the leading Voice Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington Nz provide.

That leadership mantle belongs of course to Media Group NZ.


Tap into success

When you’re looking for a particular style of voice for your next project be it television, radio, film, a company video or new online work you’ll find it here.

Best of all you don’t have to leave your desk to start a voice hunt.

Long before the phrase Covid Safe entered our vocabulary, the clever bunch at Media Group NZ made auditioning voice talent a remote exercise.

Just a mouse click or a few screen taps is all it takes. You’ll instantly have access to sample recordings of the voices available from the best Voice Agency Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington Nz can offer.

What voice have you got in mind? You’re sure to find it. Because to make your search fast and efficient, the professional voice talent is categorised by gender, age group, ethnicity, and style.


Free quote and demo

It gets better. Say you identify the voice you think is right for the job, but you are not 100% sure. Or you might require a little help convincing the client or your colleagues.

No problem. After you, you receive your free online quote and the budget is in the order you can request a “free demo”.

Media Group NZ will arrange for your preferred talent to record a short extract from your script. Then you will be sent a link to go online and review the recording so you can be certain you have chosen wisely.

There is only one stipulation. You must be planning to record a script or script that will run 60 seconds or more.

We are all aware the right voice artist can make a real difference to a project. This process of the online audition, free quote, and a free demo is the most foolproof method to help you get it the right first time, every time. How lucky can you be?


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