Great British Voices

Great British Voices

We have handpicked the most versatile and professional artists from within the United Kingdom. 

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Here at Media Group NZ we have access to some the UK’s finest voices. A great selection from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

You might need a male voice or a female. A solo performance, a group or a crowd. We have the UK professional voice artists you need.

Whether it’s a traditional announcer voice, a robust hard sell or a sultry and persuasive character for that special project…we have what you are after.


Arrange an On Line Quote

Let our experts share the load with you.

First send a copy of your script so we can work out a quote…free of charge. The price will vary according to the script duration, the delivery style and when and where the recording will be used.

Once you approve the quote you can request a sample recording 


A free sample just to be sure

After our producers review your script we will recommend the best UK voice over talent for the project. Then we will have the recommended talent record a short extract from your script.   

When you approve the free sample we can get on with the final recording of the complete script.

We will invoice you and request payment before sending you the final recording in your preferred file format.

For the best of British, Click Here

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