Voicemail Greeting Samples

Voicemail Greeting Samples

Answer me this…

In a universe of doubt and mystery, what do most human-type animals fear most? You can take as long as you like to answer as long as it’s less than 30 seconds. 

If you spotted the incongruity well done. But did you hit on the right answer?

According to research carried out by some leading “question-askers” (don’t giggle, they’re out there) the greatest fear for the average person is public speaking.

This covers everything from proposing the toast to the bride at your cousin’s wedding to making an address on the floor of the United Nations. This of course excludes the likes of that snotty-nosed Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg.

So it’s little wonder that having to record your new voicemail message is up there at the top of the fear pile. That probably explains the popularity of any website offering Voicemail Greeting Samples.


Overcoming voicemail paranoia

The simplest and most convenient way to avoid the perceived agony of creating your voicemail message is to call in the experts.

In New Zealand that title belongs to Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists.

You don’t need to wade through endless Voicemail Greeting Samples because for an outlay considerably less than you might expect you can have Media Group NZ provide the real thing; the most professional Voicemail recordings ready to upload to your phone system.


Help is a click away

All you need to do is ask. Media Group NZ will take your brief and appoint one of their experienced writers to create the script ready for you to approve.

Your next step is to choose which voice artist you think will best represent you. That simply means a few more screen taps or mouse clicks as you listen to samples of the professional male and female voice-over artists available.

You can also listen to and select a suitable music track from the Media Group library of Royalty Free music. When the production is complete you’ll be sent a link to go online and review the finished recording. After you approve the final mix you can go online and down load your new Voicemail greeting. Try it www.mediagroup.co.au

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