Music On Hold Samples

Music On Hold Samples

Fee-free tele-tunes

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well maybe the “wine and wafer” at the local church could be regarded as a light snack!

However it’s not going to qualify on the vegetarian menu.

It is after all described as flesh and blood having being miraculously transformed from bread and water by the heavenly intervention of a member of the clergy.

Surely that process ranks in believability alongside our near neighbours Aboriginal people’s method of execution called “pointing the bone”.

Yet another non-vegetarian ritual despite the obvious absence of meat.

By the way did anybody pick up the bill for that ill-fated last supper or was it free?


Costly free air

What of the so named Free-to-air TV stations? What’s free? They pedal low cost staged reality shows and endless re-runs which are actually funded by advertising. Of course we “the great unwashed” pay for it all continuously.

So can Music On Hold Samples fall into a genuinely free category? In short, the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists, are proud possessors of the key to a library of Royalty Free Music. You can go online anytime to hear endless samples of these tunes.


Get a grip on hold

When your company’s telephone On Hold program is up for review it might be time you moved on from the default program that came with the phone system.

I’m sure your callers will welcome the moment you finally abandon those ghastly chimes that masquerade as music.

Or you might still be inflicting those poor unfortunate callers to crappy recordings of obscure orchestras playing the worst of the classics.

Considering the important role an on hold program plays in keeping callers on the line, especially when all your phones are busy, you should exploit the opportunity to explore the Music On Hold Samples from the Royalty Free Library.

A master’s degree in rocket science is not a pre-requisite. When you have a free moment just click or screen tap your way to the Media Group NZ website and enjoy.

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