Modern hold music

Modern hold music

Why You Should Use Hold Music for Business 

Do you ever get annoyed, angry, or frustrated when your phone rings but you're in the middle of a conversation? Modern hold music is designed to stop those pesky interruptions. I'm listening to it now, and it's incredibly easy to install on your phone. 

Modern hold music is a simple service that records and plays voice messages from the number you're calling. These messages are called Holds. If you want to install it on another phone, download the app from Google Play, add a number from your contacts, and you're all set! 


How to use it? 

  • Open the app and select "Holds" as your service name. 
  • Open the app and select the number you want to record your holds for, and press call. 
  • The app will ask you if you want to hear a message or whether you want to hear your current conversation; answer with yes! and it will begin recording your message. 

The voice quality is great! Sweetened, high notes are a nice touch. But the bottom line is, if you've got an important phone call, don't let it interrupt your conversation. Instead, ask the person on the other end to hold while you get back to them.


Need Modern Hold Music For Your Business Phone Line? 

Any client-facing business phone system must have on-hold music. Use on-hold music to entertain your customers while they wait and reinforce your brand identity. In addition, the listeners will be able to recall your business repeatedly from the music they hear while on hold. 

There are two major types of on-hold music: live and pre-recorded. It is recommended that you compare both before making a decision.


On Hold Live Musicians 

Live musicians are a great way to provide amazing quality music for your business. However, the cost might be prohibitive for small businesses or startups. These musicians don't come cheap and can charge fees depending on their repertoire, sound quality and length of time they will perform for your business.


On Hold Pre-Recorded Musicians

There are plenty of mobile on-hold music services that offer pre-recorded music. Similar to the live option, these on-hold music services will entertain your callers and give your customers a good impression of your brand. Again, there are many pre-recorded options to consider.

The advantages of Modern hold music go beyond a simple way to entertain and empower your callers. On hold, music can also drive sales and be used to assist with customer education and marketing.


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