Answer Phone Messages Examples

Answer Phone Messages Examples

It’s not the what but the how

Not being natives of the planet Krypton we mere earthlings sometimes struggle to keep pace in today’s business world. Things can easily get out of hand when you are multitasking away.

Thank heavens we have the technology to help us through, although sometimes we are inclined to take things for granted. This is especially true of the familiar items. In particular, the telephone answering machine.

It’s one of those conveniences you take for granted, a bit like the light in the fridge. But how often do you update the outgoing message on your voicemail or answering machine?


Scripts and voices

Then there’s the question of who is going to write the script? Plus the more pressing decision of whose voice are you going to use on the outgoing message?

As far as the script goes you can go the easy route and copy one of the many Answer Phone Messages Examples you’ll find online.

The problem is of course you are going to say precisely the same thing, using exactly the same phrases as all the other folk who copied verbatim that message.


Here is a script typical of the usual Answer Phone Messages Examples

 “Hi! You have reached [your business].  We are currently busy helping other callers but know how valuable your time is so rather than keeping you on hold, let us call you back as soon as we can. Please leave a brief message with your name and number and we will return your call. Record your message after the tone. Thanks!”


Stay ahead of the curve

If you want to tailor the message’s wording but you are not confident in your writing skills you can have the scriptwriters at Media Group NZ create your ideal script.

There’s only one faster way to lose business than not answering your phone. Simply have your callers subjected to some rubbish message that’s been poorly written, voiced by an amateur, and badly recorded.

As business audio specialists Media Group NZ will solve all your telephone message requirements. Whatever you need, be it a Welcome Message, After Hours Message, or an entertaining and informative program of On Hold Messages and Music you’ll get all.

The answer is here

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