Best Radio Advertising

Best Radio Advertising

Is who best on first base?

The topic for today is more suited to a Friday afternoon session at the local watering hole. The theme is Best Radio Advertising. Meanwhile, in the wings I can already hear the ruffle of feathers.

All over the world tables are being slapped, doors banged and huffy feet sent pacing endlessly up and down. This is life in the various committees across the continents where good, stout hearted women and men gather to determine who shall be deemed winner of each title in the annual Advertising Awards.

The problem is the sheer number in the quasi infinite list of classifications covering the “best of” in each category.

Of course there is also endless deliberation over the poor unfortunate entry that is deemed the Runner Up aka “first loser”. Yes folks it’s gonna be a long night.


Wellington based NZME bags a winner

In New Zealand there was little doubt Copywriter Tracy O’Halloran and Sound Engineer Dan Wood were the most deserving winners in Best Radio Advertising. The accolade is tribute to their concept to introduce “reusable radio commercials”

The campaign by NZME for retailer Simply Eco promotes doing away with single use radio ads to promote planet-friendly shopping with reusable radio commercials.

It was reported this campaign got picked because an initial proposal to tap surplus energy directly from Elon Musk’s brain didn’t get off the ground. That happens a lot with Mr Musk!

It’s a wonderful play on the eradication of so-called single-use-bags. That was a revenue earning ploy foisted on shoppers by supermarkets and disguised as environmentally motivated.


Single Use. What a load of rubbish!

An apt choice of word. I can list heaps of other uses for so-called single-use-bags. I reckon there isn’t a sink cupboard in New Zealand that hasn’t had a stack of so-called single-use-bags waiting to be put to use again!

 I hope Tracy has considered the long term implications her concept has for the employment prospects of copywriters, radio producers, voice over artists, studio personnel, cleaners, etc.

The idea of a one size fits all radio commercial that can be used for any number of brands is definitely from the “out there” basket. There are obviously a few production challenges that will have to be overcome.

There is particular concern over the Chinese translation of the term “reusable” as it has certain connotations regarding re-incarnation.

It’s the sort of fun dilemma you can expect when you’re set on creating award-winning radio commercials. Best place to get started is

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