YouTube Content & YouTube Voiceovers

YouTube Content & YouTube Voiceovers

One pill makes you smaller

As far as the comment “the world is your oyster” and similar mind-numbing useless advice is concerned, this ‘oyster’ isn’t just getting warmer it’s also shrinking. Alice would have already clocked-out to seek cooler climes.

We are now closer than ever to all the occupants of this tiny blue orb. We are all neighbours. That’s the joy of faster communications.

The digital revolution has also given us social platforms to say our piece. Social media is the pill to make you larger than life. Now you can share thoughts with all who participate in the online community.

Some stumble slowly into their audience on-line. Building numbers over the months as followers begin to hang on every post. Others cough-up a single post that goes viral and suddenly become overnight sensations.

When building following care has to be taken to steer the audience’s perception in the desired direction. This “mental image” is a direct result of the quality of the YouTube Content & YouTube Voiceovers you upload.


Program your own rabbit hole

The fastest route to failure is to satisfy the audience. The “leave them wanting” philosophy applies to add followers as much as the comedy business.

Recognize also that people generally want to be part of and like to share quality, well-made presentations. Posts may range from a single person on camera to a production that’s bigger than Ben Hur”.

Some choose to go big. Some like small and intimate production. However, the important factor is to maintain a consistent standard with all YouTube Content & YouTube Voiceovers.

One of the traps to avoid is in not short-selling your video by matching it with shitty audio. Under the heading shitty include crackles, pops or muffled sound and worse, the voice over from hell.

Usually, the voice over from hell emanates from the DIY closet.  The question remains why, when for a very reasonable outlay you can lift the whole production quality simply by using professional voice over talent.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, you’ll find the perfect voice for any video presentation. Beyond the video, you have the opportunity to use that same voice across all your communications. An ideal continuity from telephone greeting and on-hold messages to internet and explainer videos.

Start searching online now. Audition real sample recordings of the male and female voice artists available. Get a free quote. Make it happen at

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